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Recent European and National Funded Projects

Inclusive University-a set of tools dedicated to HEI for better respond to disabled students's needs, (Inclusive University) Partner Coordinator, Funded by Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnership for higher education (2019-2021).

RIsk FActors that contribute to the geNDer pension gap, RIFAND (2019): Funded by InGRID, a Horizon 2020 Programme.

Development of an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education, (EmindS) Coordinator, Funded by Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnership for higher education (2017-2020).


A cross national study on income inequality and female labor force participation rates between Malaysia and Cyprus (2015): Funded by Erasmus Mundus, EU.

A cross national study on the Wage gap and INequalities between WOMEN and men (WIN WOMEN) (2014): Funded by InGRID FP-7.


Improvement of web survey questionnaire design for better quality of responses (2013): Funded by COST Action IS1004 WEBDATANET.


Violence Against Women (2012): A study on the prevalence of domestic violence against women in Cyprus (Prepared for the Advisory Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Violence in the Family). Indicative Results

ISTAR-DOT (2007-2009): An Intensive Program (IP) entitled "Building a New Business Game Embracing All Enterpreneurship Competences" (Funded by LLP ERASMUS, EU).

STOP-VIA (2007-2009): "The role of the parents on the protection of children from TV-violence", KOIN/0506/36, (Funded by Research Promotion Foundation, CY).

TEXNO (2007-2009): "Operational models for process optimisation in Cyprus offshore aquaculture Industry" (Funded by Research Promotion Foundation, CY).

Children of Highlands (2005-2007): "Children of highlands, positives and negatives in their psychosomatic health, development and social inclusion" (Funded by Research Promotion Foundation, CY).

Other Academic/Research Collaborations

"Genetic Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) resistance in goats" (2007-today) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Animal Health, State Veterinary Laboratories of Cyprus.







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