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Journal papers and book chapters

Mavrikiou P.M. (2020) Cyprus. In: Ní Léime Á. et al. (eds) Extended Working Life Policies. Springer, 205-215. DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-40985-2_14.

Mavrikiou P.M., Parlalis S., Athanasiou A. (2016).  Gender differences in the sexual experiences, attitudes, and beliefs of Cypriot university-educated youth. Sexuality & Culture 21(1) 36-48.

Ostrowski T. & Mavrikiou P.M. (2015). On some matrix operator and its applications, Journal of Progressive Research in Mathematics 5(1), 430-436.

Vezyridis P., Samoutis A., & Mavrikiou P.M. (2015). Workplace violence against clinicians in Cypriot emergency departments: A national questionnaire survey, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24(9-10), 1210-1222.

Mavrikiou P.M., Apostolidou M. & Parlalis S. (2014). Risk factors for the prevalence of domestic violence against women in Cyprus, The Social Science Journal, 51(2), 295-301.

Minas C., Mavrikiou P.M., & Jacobson D. (2013). Homeownership, family and the gift effect-The case of Cyprus, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 28(1), 1-15.

Papasavva-Stylianou P., Windl O., Saunders G., Mavrikiou P.M., Toumazos  P., & Kakoyiannis C. (2011). PrP gene polymorphisms in Cyprus goats and their association with resistance or susceptibility to natural scrapieThe Veterinary Journal, 187(2), 245-250.

Jacobson D., Mavrikiou P.M., & Minas C. (2010). Household size, income and expenditure on food: The Case of Cyprus, Journal of Socio-Economics, 39(2), 319-328.

Mavrikiou P.M. (2008). A Kolmogorov inequality for weighted U-Statistics, Statistics and Probability Letters, 78(18), 3294-3297.

Mavrikiou P.M. (2007). Kolmogorov inequalities for the partial sum of independent Bernoulli random variables, Statistics and Probability Letters, 77(11), 1117-1122 (Listed in the top 25 "Statistics and Probability Letters" articles available from ScienceDirect").

Papasavva-Stylianou P., Kleanthous M., Toumazos P., Mavrikiou P.M., & Loucaides P. (2007). Novel polymorphisms at codons 146 and 151 in the prion protein genes, of Cyprus goats and their association with natural scrapie, The Veterinary Journal, 173(2), 459-462.

Christofides T.C., & Mavrikiou P.M. (2003). Central Limit Theorem for dependent multidimensionally indexed random variables, Statistics and Probability Letters, 63(1), 67-78.

Other publications


Angelovska, J. and Mavrikiou, P.M. (2013). Can creative web survey questionnaire design improve the response quality? University of Amsterdam, AIAS Working Paper 131.


Apostolidou, M., Mavrikiou, P., Parlalis S., (2012) Extent, frequency, nature and consequences of domestic violence against women in Cyprus, A National Research carried out for the Advisory Committee For the Prevention & Combating of Family Violence. (Executive Summary)


Jacobson D., Mavrikiou P.M., Minas C., (2010) International Conference Proceedings UNESCO Mapping the Gender Equality: Research and practices - the national and international perspective, Women and food consumption, University of Cyprus, Nicosia p.209-229.


Chrysanthou Ch., Mavratsas K., Mavrikiou P.M., Isaias G., (2009) The role of the parents on the protection of children from TV-violence -Greek version, p. 264. (Funded by Research Promotion Foundation, CY).


Matei A., Mavrikiou P.M., (2008), A Robust Method Applied in Structural Equation Modeling, Proceedings in Computational Statistics, COMPSTAT'08, p. 627-636, Editor Paula Brito, Physica-Verlag/Springer.


Papavassiliou V., Andreou-Filimi A., Mavrikiou P.M., et al (2008) Quality of life of children with mental disabilities and their families in Cyprus, Pediatrics: Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics 121;S101, DOI: 10.1542/peds.2007-2022DD.


Apostolidou M., Apostolidou Z., Payiatsou M., Mavrikiou P.M., (2007) Evaluation of the health services that are provided to the violence victims in the family -Greek version, p. 69. (Prepared for the Consultancy Committee for the Prevention and Fight of Violence in the Family, a Governmental committee).


If you would like to receive any of the research papers above, please contact me at p.mavrikiou@frederick.ac.cy.


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