I am currently supervising the following students:

MSc students:

  1. Constantinos Marouchos

  2. Jovanna Zonia

  3. Achas Theodoros

  4. Iasonas Iasonos

BSc students:

  1. George Karaolis

  2. Frangeska Andreou

  3. Angelina Rampal

  4. Andreas Georgiou

MSc and BSc students succesfully completed (for more details regarding the students' projects please click here):

MSc students

  1. Aphrodite Demetriadou

  2. Michalis Massalas

  3. George Eleutheriou

  4. Nestoras Georgiou

  5. Christoforos Kronis

BSc students

  1. Stefanos Hadjipetrou

  2. Andrianos Sergidis

  3. Maria Andreou, A Smart Mobile Telecom Assistant

  4. Marios Pantelides, An Interactive and location-aware application based on Augmented Reality

  5. Isavella Christodoulou, Recommender System

  6. Loizos Tsangaris, Smart Glove

  7. Achas Theodoros, Smart Ecological Cultivation System

  8. Ilia Demetris, An Interactive Smarthome

  9. Giorgos Eleutheriou, A Natural-Interactive Game for Autistic Kids using Kinect

  10. Constantinos Evangelou, A Cost-effective P2P Smartphone Game

  11. Marios Andreou, Mobile Social Network Optimization using Genetic Algorithm

  12. Bogomil Angelov, Location-Aware Smarthome

  13. Totoro Prince, Tracking and Surveillance of Mobile Arduino Nodes with Smartphones

  14. Giorgos Michaelides, An Interactive Smarthome System: Smartphone & Microcontroller

  15. Simona Shandurkova, Client-Network Interaction in a Real-Time Communication

  16. Giorgos Neocleous, Cyprus Church Finder: A Smartphone Application

  17. Paschalis Mpeis,UCY, Fine-Grained, Low-Power and Privacy-Preserving Smartphone Localization (with Demetris Zeinalipour-Yazti)

  18. Christoforos Kronis, An Augmented Reality Application on Smartphone Networks with AI agents using crowdsourcing techniques under a Cloud-based Framework

  19. Constantinos Marouchos, A Skyline-based Restaurant Guide on Smartphones using Crowdsourced Data.

  20. Melina Marangou, Noise-Less Pathfinding using Crowdsourced Noise Data on Smartphone Networks.

  21. Yiannis Hadjicharalambous, A 3-D Wireless Sensor Network Modelling and Deployment for Real-time Monitoring of Forest Fires.

  22. Nicolas Nicodemou, A Cyprus Scout Association Android Applications.

  23. Andreas Nicolaou, A Windows Phone Restaurant Guide.

  24. Achilleas Eleutheriou,A client/server middleware application using Java Corba.

  25. Jaswinder Deol, Multi-Objective Mobile-Agent Routing using Memetic Algorithms.

  26. Konstantinos Fili, Android Bank Guide Cyprus

  27. Christos Aplitsiotis, UCY, SmartP2P:  A Multi-Objective Framework for finding Social content in P2P Smartphone Networks

  28. Adamos Adamou, Eyes4U: AggressivE Behavior Detection: A Kinect & Windows Phone Application.

  29. Marinos Matsidis, Advances on Social Network Applications: The Frederick University Case Study.

  30. Matthaios Konstantinou, Mobile Publish-subscribe Routing with Social Sites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) Knowledge: application analysis.

  31. Christakis Siakos, Pet Surveillance and Remote Monitoring: A Wireless Smartphone and RFID Network Application.

  32. Vasos Georgiou, Node Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks.

  33. Panayiotis Vasiliou, A review of problems and algorithms in three dimensional (3D) wireless networks

  34. Stella Kastana, Offline Route Tracer: An Android Smartphone Application.