Dr. George Hadjichristofi Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer
Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Frederick University
, Limassol/Nicosia Campus


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Short Bio

Dr. Hadjichristofi holds a B.S., M.S., and a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Virginia Tech. For his Ph.D. work he worked on key management for highly partitioned mobile ad hoc networks. He has also investigated issues of trust management and security policies as they relate to key management. During his post-doc at Virginia Tech, he worked on two projects: the Mobile Ad hoc Networking Interoperability And Cooperation (MANIAC) challenge and the Advanced Wireless Integrated Navy Network (AWINN) program. His tasks in these projects were to redefine the internal components of the projects, design any required software architectures, lead integration, and investigate the various technologies involved. The projects dealt with developing practical systems that lead to a series of demonstrations to the office of Naval Research of the U.S.A. and at various conferences (see publications). During his post-doc at WINLAB, Rutgers University, he was involved on two projects: the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Development Project and the Cache and Forward (CNF) architecture project funded under the Future Internet Design (FIND) initiative. The former project dealt with the development of prototypes for wireless virtualization and the design of an integrated architecture for the ORBIT and PlanetLab testbeds, the largest wireless and wired experimental testbeds in the world. As a visiting lecturer/assistant professor at the University of Cyprus, he had taught a number of computer-related courses, and worked as a co-Principal Investigator on TRUST, a project that investigated security issues in new Internet architectures. Hadjichristofi has extensive knowledge on security issues in wireless networks, in testbed deployment and wireless networks simulation and emulation. Overall, his current research interests lay in the area of security and wireless networking, with focus on new Internet architectures, next generation security, and adaptive security in conjunction with quality of service (QoS), and resource management over both virtualized and non-virtualized devices.

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Research Interests

  • Computer and network security
  • Security issues in wireless communications
  • New Internet Architectures
  • Virtualization of Wireless networks
  • Wireless networks and ubiquitous computing
  • Resource management in distributed systems
  • Network performance evaluation and simulation
  • Network protocols
  • Network management


  • Computer and Network security
  • Security in wireless and mobile networks
  • Cryptography
  • Computer networks
  • Wireless networks and ubiquitous computing
  • Network application design
  • Operating Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Computer organization
  • Computer architecture
  • Digital design

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