Personal Details

Andrew Lees, BEng, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Frederick University Cyprus

Office Room 213,
Frederick Research Centre
Telephone +357 22345159 ext. 133
Fax 00357 22438234
Email A.Lees@fit.ac.cy

Short CV

Academic Qualifications

Employment History

  • Sep. 1992 - Sep. 1996, Engineer, AMEC Rail, Croydon, UK.
  • Sep. 1996 - Oct. 2000, Research Engineer, University of Southampton, UK.
  • Oct. 2000 - Oct. 2004, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Mouchel Parkman Consulting Ltd., Surrey, UK.
  • Oct. 2004 to date, Assistant Professor, Frederick University Cyprus.

Research Interests

Andrew's research expertise lies in the application of geotechnical analysis techniques to practical problems. In his PhD studies he used centrifuge modelling to generate the calibration data needed in order to produce a 3D finite element model of the temporary roadways used by the military in the UK. He continues to work on the development of a new roadway system.

For the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK, Andrew pioneered the use of discrete "King piles" in the stabilisation of slopes by using 3D finite element analysis in their design.

Andrew continues to devise new advanced geotechnical design techniques, now in accordance with Eurocode 7, in the fields of foundation design, retaining wall design and slope design.


Andrew has taught undergraduates in all fields of geotechnical engineering, from the basic grounding in geology to advanced geotechnical design. He has also taught various structural engineering courses. Further details on the subjects he is teaching in the current semester can be found here.