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Department of Civil Engineering, Frederick University

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Dr. Demetris Nicolaides is a Lecturer of construction materials science in the Department of Civil Engineering, Frederick University. He obtained his first degree from the Civil Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens in 1999. In 2001 he was awarded a Masters degree (MSc) in Structural Engineering, from the Cardiff School of Engineering, UK. From the same school he received his PhD in Civil Engineering in 2004, in the research area of fracture and fatigue of high performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites. He has published research work in the particular field, including both material development and experimentation and modelling of the constitutive behaviour using non-linear fracture mechanics theories. He worked also in projects investigating durability, dynamic loading and retrofitting techniques of concrete structures. He was also involved in a large scale project studying the performance monitoring of a group of concrete viaducts.† Dr. Nicolaides continues to work in the structural materialís area, giving emphasis in recycled concrete, self-compacting concrete, self-healing concrete, life performance assessment and non-destructive testing techniques of materialís and structures. He also teaches the subjects of Construction Materials, Strength of Materials and Concrete Design. He is a member of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus, member of Civil Engineers Society of Cyprus and approved Technical Expert of the Cyprus Certification Company (Concrete Industry, Cement, Aggregates, Lime, Mines).



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