Dr. Demetris Nicolaides

Department of Civil Engineering, Frederick University



Research Activity and Publications

Research Projects


 High Performance Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites


 Recycled Concrete


 Durability of Concrete



Selected Publications


D. Nicolaides, A. Kanellopoulos and B.L. Karihaloo. Investigation of the effect of fibre distribution on the fatigue performance and the autogenous shrinkage of CARDIFRC. In Measuring, Monitoring and Modeling Concrete Properties (ed. M S Konsta-Gdoutos), Springer, 3-16, 2006 (ISBN 1-4020-5103-4).


Benson S.D.P, Nicolaides D. and Karihaloo B.L. CARDIFRC - Development and mechanical properties. Parts I III. Magazine of Concrete Research, 57, 412-443, 2005 (ISSN 0042-9831).


F.A. Farhat, D. Nicolaides, A. Kanellopoulos and B.L. Karihaloo. CARDIFRC - Performance and application to retrofitting. Journal of Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol. 76, No 1-2, pp. 151-167, 2007.


A. Kanellopoulos, D. Nicolaides, B.L. Karihaloo. Autogenous shrinkage of CARDIFRC. Proc 7th Int Conf on Creep, Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete and Concrete Structureste (CONCREEP7), (eds. G Pijaudier-Cabot, B Gerard and P Acker), Hermes Science Publishing, Paris, 2005, 615-620 (ISBN 1 905209 50 9).


Kanellopoulos, D. Nicolaides, M. Petrou and I. Ioannou Ultra High Performance Concretes, (1st National Symposium on Construction Materials May 2008 Athens, Greece)


D. Nicolaides and B.L. Karihaloo. Modeling the flexural behaviour of CARDIFRC beams by fracture mechanics. To appear in the monograph "Application of Fracture Mechanics to Concrete", Elsevier (ed. B L Karihaloo).