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meNicoletta Christodoulou is an Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies and Instruction in the Department of Education at the School of Education and Social Sciences at Frederick University, Nicosia, Cyprus. During 2014-2017 she was an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (with emphasis in equity and social justice) in the Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation, College of Education, Augusta University, Georgia, USA. During that time, she was member of the coordinating team for the EdD in Educational Innovation and member of the Quality Enhancement Plan committee of Augusta University.


Dr. Christodoulou holds a PhD in Education with a focus on Curriculum Studies and Instruction from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, Illinois, USA; a Master’s in Education from UIC with a focus on Instructional Leadership; and a Bachelor’s in Pre-Primary Education from the University of Cyprus.


She is member and has leading positions in many professional, scientific organizations internationally and locally, including the American Educational Research Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, the European Association of Curriculum Studies, the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies of which she was the Cyprus representative in the General Assembly for three terms, and local associations such as the Cyprus Pedagogical Association (Curriculum and Instruction SIG), POLI.S—Citizenship Association, and SYNTHESIS in Greece.


Some of the funded programs Nicoletta developed and coordinated as Principal Investigator (PI) include: the Cyprus Oral History and Living Memory Project (COHP) funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, and The Central Savannah River Area Education Oral History Project (CSRA-Ed.O.Hi.P.), funded from Augusta University, USA. She works with higher education institutions in Asia, including India and Indonesia, and in Africa to help strengthen the capacity and quality of teaching. She has also conceptualized, founded and coordinates The School of Nature, an innovative outdoor education program in Cyprus for children grade levels K-10. Dr. Christodoulou has published her research work in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and books, and has presented her work in international and local peer-reviewed conferences.


Her teaching and research are in such areas as curriculum studies, curriculum theory, democratic teaching and learning, improvement of teaching, effective teaching, assessment for learning, teacher education, qualitative research, ethnography, narrative inquiry, learning experiences of students and teachers, politics of education, equity and social justice, oral history research, oral history education, grassroots movements and education, alternative education, outdoor education, forest pedagogy. tel. 22394394

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