GNU/Linux Workshop

Due to student requests, a voluntary GNU/Linux workshop is being set-up at the Limassol campus. It will serve as an informal overview of operating system concepts and a hands-on approach to the GNU/Linux system with a few hints of programming at its later stages. The workshop will be held on a weekly basis and is neither part of the CS course nor an elective; any student is welcome to join.

“A computer is like a violin. You can imagine a novice trying first a phonograph and then a violin. The latter, he says, sounds terrible. That is the argument we have heard from our humanists and most of our computer scientists. Computer programs are good, they say, for particular purposes, but they aren't flexible. Neither is a violin, or a typewriter, until you learn how to use it.”

Marvin Minsky, “Why Programming Is a Good Medium for Expressing Poorly-Understood and Sloppily-Formulated Ideas”