2004/03/10Wednesday18:00 - 21:00

Hour 1: History of UNIX, the GNU project, the Linux kernel project. Introduction to the Free Software & Open Source initiatives.
Hour 2: Operating system fundamentals & UNIX concepts.
Hour 3: Getting to know the system, hands-on.

2004/03/17Wednesday18:00 - 21:00

Hour 1: An overview of the Linux kernel and the fundamental parts of the system.
Hour 2: A user's view of the GNU/Linux system. Learning Bash and the Vim editor.
Hour 3: A programmer's view of the GNU/Linux system. The GNU compiler collection (gcc), the GNU C library (glibc) & the Emacs editor.

2004/03/24Wednesday18:00 - 21:00

Hour 1: The free software map. A brief overview of software packages available for GNU/Linux systems.
Hour 2: Installing software. Learning about GNU Make, Autoconf, and Automake.
Hour 3: An overview of GNU/Linux distributions and package management tools.

2004/03/31Wednesday18:00 - 21:00

Hour 1: System administration primer, part A (booting and shutting down, root powers explained, controlling processes, managing filesystems).
Hour 2: System administration primer, part B (backups, syslog and log files, drivers and kernel configuration).
Hour 3: System administration primer, part C (networking).

Easter Break Project
Pocket Linux Implementation of a minimal, floppy-disk based GNU/Linux system as described in the Pocket Linux Guide.

2004/04/21Wednesday18:00 - 21:00T.B.A.
2004/04/28Wednesday18:00 - 21:00T.B.A.